• Olivia Stacey

My Musings: Being Present is a Gift

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

Time is the most precious gift we have. Although we can’t stop time, we can choose to be present with our loved ones and that may be the closest thing.

How often do we wish for more hours in the day? We search for ways to maximize...to become more efficient...to multitask. All of these things can, of course, help us lead a productive life. But something I've learned is that slowing down and being present is a truly powerful thing.

Being fully present automatically lifts your spirits. Clears your mind of distractions. Brings clarity and even joy, if you're open to it. Will it stop time? Of course not. But I guarantee it will leave you feeling more fulfilled.

Meaningful things happen when you give someone your undivided...and undistracted...attention. Because that's what everyone is really looking for: to be heard, appreciated, understood. Above all, to truly connect. I've found that being present is the biggest gift I can give to others -- and to myself.

To celebrate time and all it brings us, I've collaborated with Daniel Wellington. Their watches are elegant and classic pieces that compliment any wardrobe. I have the classic petite melrose in rose gold and it has become one of my favorite pieces.

Whenever I wear this watch, I don't see it as just a timepiece. Every time I glance down at my wrist, it's a reminder -- a reminder to give my full attention to whatever or whoever needs to be in focus.

Time is a beautiful gift. Make the most of it my friends.


As part of my collaboration with Daniel Wellington, you'll receive 15 percent off of any purchase by simply using my code OLIVIASTACEY at checkout. If you have any questions about selecting a watch or sizing, send me a message or comment below.



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