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My Lash Extension Experience

Updated: Jun 7, 2020

We all want thicker, longer lashes with less work and make-up, right? There are many products out there and different techniques to achieve a full lash.

In March, I decided to take the plunge and try lash extensions. One of my main motivations was to achieve a full, dramatic look for TV without as much make-up. The verdict is: I'm obsessed. Now that I've had my lashes for several months, I wanted to share my experience. Many of you have reached out with questions and I'll do my best to answer them all fully.

Here we go!

Q: How are they different than "fake" eyelashes?

A: I think you're referring to strip lashes that you apply yourself. Lash extensions are individual tiny synthetic fibers that get adhered to each individual lash to replicate natural eyelashes. It's an entirely different process than adhering a strip lash.

Q: How did you choose which extensions to go with?

A: You can customize your lashes to your personal style. Your lash artist will recommend extensions that are best for you and the health of your natural lashes. Cathy Spatuzzi of Glow Beauty and Skincare walked me through the entire process and helped me choose extensions that would look great on-camera, but wouldn't weigh down my natural lash. Make sure to ask your artist the weight of the lash extensions she is using. The appropriate weight will make sure your natural lash does not have to much stress and will prevent breakage.

Q: How long do they last?

A: Extensions usually last around 2-4 weeks before you'll need a touch-up appointment also known as a "fill." Make sure to cleanse and brush your lashes daily to keep them in good condition. Just make sure it's with an oil-free cleanser!

Q: What are the risks?

A: Great question for your lash artist -- make sure to go over the risks before getting started. I did a lot of research on my own before my first appointment. I've never had any adverse reaction. On the milder side, there can be side effects like itchiness and redness. There are reports of more dramatic side effects like eye infection. The purpose of our eyelashes is to keep out sweat, dust, and other allergens to better protect our eyes. So make sure you properly clean and comb your lash extensions. Proper hygiene is key to avoid the risk of eye infection. Also, make sure you're getting your lashes done by a trained professional. I cannot stress the importance of finding a reputable and trusted pro! I know I'm in amazing hands at Glow Beauty and Skincare.

Q: Is it safe for contact-lens wearers?

A: Yes! I wear contacts and I've never experienced irritation. I would highly recommend taking out your contacts for the lash fill though.

Q: Does the process hurt?

A: Not at all. On the contrary, your appointment is a great time to take a "lash nap." When done by a trained professional, it is an absolutely pain-free experience, but prepare to lie down for a while and get comfy. Lash extensions are applied with professional tools by isolating one lash at a time.

Q: Will I lose my natural lashes?

A: Eyelash extensions can be damaging if your lash artist is not using proper techniques or like I mentioned above, if the lash is too heavy and long for your natural lash. Cathy recommends using a serum like Latisse or Lash Boost to help strengthen and elongate your natural lash when using extensions.

If you have more questions about lash extensions and my experience please don't hesitate to reach out. For those of you in the Tampa Bay area, I highly recommend Cathy of Glow Beauty and Skincare. She is a true professional, extremely knowledgeable and will make you feel so comfortable. If you want to check out more of her beautiful work, be sure to check out her Insta page. Cathy will create a custom look that's perfect for a special occasion or just to add some glam to your everyday look.

Flutter those lashes ladies!




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