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Documenting baby's milestones

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Baby books are a keepsake passed down from generation to generation. It’s no wonder that selecting one has been one of my toughest choices when it comes to baby products.

I actually registered for another baby book, but removed it when I found STASH+STORY

I was immediately drawn to STASH+STORY's minimalist yet elegant design. What I loved the most is that this baby book is also a box, with room to store artwork, certificates and other mementos. 

The pages are thoughtfully created with prompts to help record memorable moments and milestones. There’s plenty of blank space to add photos and handwritten notes. I always thought there’s something so special about your parents’ handwriting and printed photos. 

This book is created by two moms of 4 little girls combined so they know a thing or two about documenting all the important events. It was their own children who inspired them to create a reinvented baby book.

While the book comes with ample prompted pages, you can add different packs to document pregnancy in more detail as well as baby’s first vacation, holidays, etc. There’s also functional pages to track your child's growth and health. When I started flipping through these pages, I became a bit emotional. They may be blank now, but I envisioned all of the beautiful moments to come. I thought of my daughter reading this book with her child one day, and sharing our family’s story. What a beautiful gift that keeps on giving. 

Pages included are:

• Welcome Home, Baby • Your Family • Mom & Dad • Pregnancy • Your Name • On The Day You Were Born • Your Birth Story • Early Days • Baby Shower • Growth Chart • Health • Milestones • Teeth • First Haircut • Individual pages for each month up to 1 year • Birthday pages up to age 10 • Birthday Questionnaires

The box is beautifully designed with a magnetic closure. This is a perfect gift for yourself or an expecting parent.


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