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Oh Baby! Special delivery on the way!

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

You may have heard the big news! Rex and I have a special delivery on the way (one that's creating a lot of ice cream cravings). We are beyond thrilled for our first child! 2020 has been such an eventful year for us. Although there is so much uncertainty in the world right now, we feel incredibly blessed and are treasuring every moment. This year has been a powerful reminder to not take anything for granted.

We are overwhelmed by your sweet messages and warm words. I can't thank you enough for your kind wishes. It makes this journey even more special to be surrounded by such a wonderful community. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

Many of you have asked if we're waiting to find out if it's a boy or girl. After playing the guessing game, we decided to find out. Since we couldn't have a gender reveal party due to the coronavirus, we recorded a special reveal to share with everyone. But first, we want to get you involved in the predictions!

Rex and I went through a list of old wives' tales while waiting to find out. We know, we know...they're not necessarily "scientific," but we still had a lot of fun going through them!

Our own gender predictions went back and forth, although both of the dreams I had about the baby turned out to be very telling...

Leave your prediction in the comment section below!

Dry or Soft Hands? Dry (Boy). But also washing them like crazy due to COVID19.

Breakouts? No (Boy)

Carrying high or low? Low (Boy)

Major nausea? Nope - feel very fortunate there (Boy)

Ring test over stomach? Circles (Girl)

Chinese calendar? Boy

Mayan calendar?


Y or U shaped vein in one of your eyes? Hadn't heard of this one before! And yes, Rex took a flashlight out to examine both of my eyes. Turns out he saw a U shaped vein in my right eye. (Boy)

Heartbeat rate? Fast (Girl)

Mood changes? Thankfully, not so much (Boy)

Sweet vs. Savory

Craving tons of fruit and recently ice cream! Acai bowls have become my go-to meal. (Girl)

8 out of these 11 old wives' tales point to a baby boy, but we want to hear your thoughts.

Stay tuned for the video reveal to come shortly!

Thank you for sharing in this exciting new chapter in our lives!




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