• Olivia Stacey

Selecting a maternity shoot dress

Updated: Jul 21, 2020

Pregnancy is an incredibly special time. I’ve been trying to document week-by-week changes and milestones. Baby girl has had so much growth over the past couple of weeks and nothing makes me happier.

I took my maternity photos this week and can’t wait to share them with you all! Most photographers recommend scheduling a maternity photo shoot sometime between 28 and 32 weeks, but it's a completely individual choice.

If you’re a mama-to-be, once you’ve decided when you’re posing for pictures, it’s time to decide what you’re posing in. My advice? Pick an outfit that reflects your own style and emphasizes your beautiful bump. After all, that’s what we’re documenting and celebrating! 

The fit of the dress is very important to achieving that perfect silhouette.

Consider clingy fabrics and figure-hugging styles to showcase your new shape. Silk and tulle are great options! Ruching and embellishment can also accentuate your bump. Gathered or pleated fabric typically on the bodice or waistband, creates a focal point.

Maxi dresses and gowns are always ethereal and elegant. I had a couple of outfit changes during my shoot to achieve different looks, but absolutely loved my shots in this maternity gown from Pink Blush. They have so many beautiful options to help you feel like the beautiful mama-to-be you are!

I’ve linked a couple other styles available on Amazon that I love below.

Happy shopping beautiful Mama!