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Swaddling made simple

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

When we first brought Sophia home, she was so tiny. Even her smallest newborn clothes gaped on her small body. Since she came a month early, I was nervous about swaddling her properly. I didn’t want there to be any excess material near her face and of course, I wanted her to be snug and comfortable. I also was concerned about the right temperature for sleep, which is especially important for pre-term babies. When I say, the Ollie swaddle put these fears to rest, I mean it.

The Ollie swaddle was recommended to me by a friend and now, the Ollie is an important part of our nighttime routine. The design is simple and can be adjusted to fit your little one’s unique self. I’ve tried different arm positions to help Sophia feel the most comfortable and the Ollie accommodates them all. Plus, it is designed to grow with your child!

I have to admit, as a new mom, I was not confident in my swaddling skills. Every time I tried to swaddle Sophia, she worked herself out of it, until we starting using the Ollie. Now, she stays snug as a bug! Its simple closures make swaddling a breeze, even during your most sleep deprived nights. I also love that you can re-swaddle gently without stirring your little one too much (especially after those middle of the night feedings). Oh, and there's easy access diaper changes through the opening at the bottom. As far as those concerns over her temperature? The fabric is a moisture wicking fabric that reduces the risk of overheating, but keeps your baby warm. 

No wonder it’s been voted as the best swaddle by The Bump for the past two years. In the coming weeks, I'll be sharing the products we have found the most helpful in these first few months. I can tell you, the Ollie swaddle is a must have on your baby registry! 

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